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In Memoriam: Becky Ishii

Longtime MATHCOUNTS of California volunteer Becky Lynn Ishii passed away May 9, 2023, at age 69. Becky grew up in Cypress where she and her husband, Cliff, partnered in his engineering firm and volunteering for MATHCOUNTS of California, the National Society of Professional Engineers–California, and Orange County Optimists. Read more about Becky’s many accomplishments here.

California’s 2023 State Team Finishes 10th!

Congratulations to California’s State MATHCOUNTS Team! They finished 10th in the Team Competition, and all four team members are listed among the top students in the competition.

In addition, Seabert Mao was a quarterfinalist in the Countdown Round! Click to watch.

MATHCOUNTS of California is SO PROUD of our team!

National Competition Results

Top Students and Teams

California State Team

Ryan Bansal, Joaquin Miller Middle School
Harish Loghashankar, Lawson Middle School
Andy Lu, Redwood Middle School
Seabert Mao, Redwood Middle School

Coach: PJ Yim, Redwood Middle School

(Ayush Bansal, Hyde Middle School, qualified for the state team, but was unable to attend.)

Look for registration for the 2023-2024 Competition Series in mid-August.

State Competition Results

Top 25% of Students
Top 40% of Teams CORRECTED 04/05/23
Distribution of Scores

Tests and Answers Now Available

How did you do? Materials for the 2023 Chapter and State Competitions — including Answer Keys and Solutions — have been posted.

2023 Chapter Competitions Are Complete!

Results Posted

All chapter competitions throughout the United States are complete, and results for all the California Chapter Competitions have been posted. Please note: Not all California Chapter Competitions have the same statistics available.

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MATHCOUNTS of California relies on local donations to run chapter competitions. Registration fees and donations to the national MATHCOUNTS Foundation provide test materials and support the national competition. Please help us grow the appreciation of math and problem solving among California middle school students.

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