San Diego

For schools in the following ZIP Codes:

91900-80, 92000-99, 92100-99, 92227-31, 92243-51, 92281-83

2021 Competition

Details coming soon!

2020 Competition

Saturday, February 29, 2020
University of California San Diego
Warren Lecture Hall
(Matthews Lane)
San Diego, CA 92093

2020  Chapter Results
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Peter Livingston, P.E., DM CSPE, CEM

Please note: San Diego MATHCOUNTS requires at least one email address for each school coach. This email will be used for all correspondence. Please send your email address to if you have not already done so.

If you have questions about the California MATHCOUNTS program in your area, please send a detailed email to CSPEEF Executive Director Jeanne Marie Tokunaga at

If your question requires immediate assistance, please contact the National MATHCOUNTS Office at 703-684-2828 or

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