Peninsula Chapter

For schools in the following ZIP codes:

94020-24, 94039-43, 94080-86, 94088-99, 94301-10

2022 Competition

Students Advancing to State

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Chapter Rank Student Name School Name
1 Krittika Chandra Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School
2 Jonathan Du Bullis Charter School
3 Helen Law Frank S. Greene Middle School
4 Oscar G Varodayan Frank S. Greene Middle School
5 Kaitlin Ye Challenger School-Middlefield
6 Brian Choi Ardis Egan Junior High School
7 Alex E Kim Blach Intermediate School
8 Timothy Li Bullis Charter School
9 Alena Kutsuk Graham Middle School
10 Ethan Gu Bullis Charter School
11 Preston Huang Blach Intermediate School
12 Yuqin Ma Challenger School-Middlefield
13 Olivia K Fritsch Blach Intermediate School
14 Justin Cheong Bullis Charter School
15 Amanda Wang Bullis Charter School
16 Michael Ma Ellen Fletcher Middle School
17 Maggie H Zhang Challenger School-Middlefield
18 Aaron Zhu Saint Simon Parish School
19 Kaiyuan Ding Ellen Fletcher Middle School
20 Elliot T Maa Frank S. Greene Middle School
21 Joonseok Lee Ardis Egan Junior High School

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